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Posted Friday, November 17, 2017 by WLRH News

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national movement that empowers young people—and people of all ages—to create an oral history of the contemporary United States by recording an interview with an elder using the free StoryCorps App.

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The Huntsville Master Chorale will perform its Musical Triptych twice this weekend, tonight (11/17) at 7 at Covenant Presbyterian Church and Sunday

Alabama native and recently retired Yale University music professor Willie Ruff dropped by the WLRH studios to chat with Judy Watters on Morning Blend.

Randolph School will host a free seminar Thursday November 16th with Vanderbilt psychology professor Dr. Georgene Troseth.

The Latest Stories from NPR

Legos have been reliably popular holiday gifts. But fans will have to wait for this 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon. It's sold out, and even when in stock, currently only available to VIP customers.

Released solely to Lego's "VIP" list, the Millennium Falcon sold out quickly after its September release. The company promises more models through December, but only for its most loyal customers.

Lawmakers in the Kumamoto Municipal Assembly talk with member Yuka Ogata, who brought her infant son to work.

When Yuka Ogata went back to work after having a baby, she tried to bring him along. The response highlighted the difficulties working women face in rules-bound Japan.

The U.S. has been arming the Kurds through the umbrella group known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, but the aid has long been a thorn in U.S.-Turkey relations.

The U.S. policy of supporting the Kurds in Syria has been a sticking point in U.S.-Turkey relations. The White House cited "pending adjustments" to military support provided to U.S. partners in Syria.

Zimbabwe's new interim President Emmerson Mnangagwa gives an address after his swearing-in ceremony in Harare on Friday, marking the final chapter of a political drama that toppled his predecessor Robert Mugabe after a military takeover.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose firing by now-ousted President Robert Mugabe prompted military intervention, promises to change the government's culture after years of corruption and economic trouble.

Chef Massimo Bottura creates a meal from Thanksgiving leftovers in NPR's kitchen. "The leftover is a big problem if you don't have a vision, if you don't have the knowledge of what you can do," he says. Above, he checks the breadcrumbs to make sure they're dry and fine enough to turn into a pasta called passatelli.

Over this Thanksgiving week, Americans will toss almost 200 million pounds of turkey alone. Massimo Bottura helps us fight food waste by showing us how to turn leftovers into a world-class new meal.



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